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  • Super Smash Brothers Flash 2 Super Smash Brothers Flash 2 12965 jogar Mario, Kirby, Link, Sonic, Naruto, Megaman, Ichigo and Lloyd! - Super Smash Bros. Brawl on PC in flash! Great Demo by McLeod Gaming. Stay tuned for his new updates!
  • Super Mario Star Scramble 2 - Ghost Island Super Mario Star Scramble 2 - Ghost Island 7546 jogar Move Mario through the arenas as you grab the coins and stars. Squish monsters, and avoid ghosts.
  • Super Mario - Save Luigi Super Mario - Save Luigi 7534 jogar Grab all the coins to reveal the star. Unlock and grab the star to finish each level.
  • Jump Mario 3 Jump Mario 3 6908 jogar Jump upwards and grab as many stars from the sky as possible as you keep from going off the screen. Escape spiteful enemies, the time is limited.
  • Super Mario Cross Super Mario Cross 6784 jogar Here is a game of Mario quite funny, because here you will drive through the levels using a motorcycle!
  • Free Super Mario Bros Free Super Mario Bros 6371 jogar Jump around as Mario as you kill Mario's regular enemies. Grab as many coins as possible.
  • Mario Bros Motobike Mario Bros Motobike 6198 jogar Help Super Mario Bros ride his motobike to the end of all levels without losing control. Try to collect as much points as possible and make a backflip or frontflip to earn more points.
  • Super mario world x Super mario world x 6161 jogar Uma vers
  • Super Mafia Land Super Mafia Land 6044 jogar A remixed Mario game with new gameplay. Pickup and toss items into enemies to kill them.
  • Super Mario Crossover Super Mario Crossover 5757 jogar Play classic Mario levels as other retro game characters. Watch your step!
  • Super Mario Mix-Up Super Mario Mix-Up 5651 jogar Super Mario Bros Puzzle Game. Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image.
  • Super Mario Star Scramble 2 Super Mario Star Scramble 2 5506 jogar He runs, he jumps, he plumbers. Mario is back with the second part of the nice jump and run game Mario Star Scramble!
  • Mario Jeux Mario Jeux 5228 jogar Later levels get short timelimits, and puzzles that can only be completed with large Mario.
  • Mario moedas torre Mario moedas torre 5112 jogar Pegue todas as moedas como Mario como você tenta progredir através de cada um dos níveis.
  • Mario Defend Peach Mario Defend Peach 4727 jogar Mario is finally retired and has a happy life with Peach. They are just married in peach's big castle. But than Mario's old life is chasing him. He takes a Deagle from Wario and start defending peach. Mario will finish this for once and for all. Are you able to defeat Bowser and his fighters for the last time?
  • Super Mario Bomber Super Mario Bomber 4559 jogar here comes your chance to play Bomberman with all the characters from the Mario World.
  • Jungle Escape Jungle Escape 4207 jogar O herói é perdido na selva! ajudá-lo a pegar as chaves, saltar através dos níveis para chegar ao topo evitando as armadilhas e morcegos. |
  • Mario Bomb It Mario Bomb It 4017 jogar Blow up your opponents before they kill you.
  • Mario tênis de mesa Mario tênis de mesa 3883 jogar Luigi desafios você para um jogo de ténis de mesa. seja o primeiro a atingir os 21 pontos. você deve vencer por 2 pontos.
  • Super mario bros 3 Super mario bros 3 3880 jogar Esta
  • Mario Jungle Adventure Mario Jungle Adventure 3732 jogar Are you ready to enjoy a jungle adventure with Mario? Help him to collect fruits. You must watch out the enemies.
  • Droppin batimentos Droppin batimentos 3587 jogar Um jogo legal baseado tema com base em ritmo.
  • Irmãos super smash flash Irmãos super smash flash 3462 jogar Este jogo é um arquivo extremamente grande, e levará um longo tempo para carregar 8,45 megabytes cerca de 17 minutos em um modem dial-up
    O jogo vai começar com uma tela em branco, por favor, seja paciente enquanto o jogo carrega.
    | Você já jogou Super Smash irmãos em seu N64 ou GameCube? agora você pode jogar com flash!
    | |
  • Mario assalto Mario assalto 3377 jogar Este
  • Super Mario World 3 novas Super Mario World 3 novas 3266 jogar Mario outro mundo que é outro nível de curto poucas a bater. |
  • Super Paper Mario Super Paper Mario 3164 jogar Hit enemies with a hammer as you work your way through the levels to fight bowser.
  • Super Mario World vetorial Super Mario World vetorial 2965 jogar Outro jogo do Mario com poucos níveis. você pode fazê-lo através de cada nível vivos? |
  • Bros gangster. 1,1 Bros gangster. 1,1 2957 jogar A versão mais recente do gangster bros, com correções de bugs e jogabilidade melhorada. |

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